1. Anonymous asked: I think you under-charged yourself for commissions? Because seriously your art is amazing and is definitely worth more than that. u w u

    omg thank you ;~; i’m hoping to revamp my currently closed commissions section when i have time to open them again! in the meantime i’m practicing to achieve a consistent style.


  2. Anonymous asked: Your art is amazing and I love it. How do you get that smooth and nice look? >w< If you don't mind me asking

    thank you so much! i start with a rough sketch, and then trace on a layer over it to make lineart - and make sure all the lines are connected. then, i use the magic wand to fill the lineart with the base colors. i also create new levels with clipping masks for any shading i want to do on top of the base colors. for shading, i use a brush with the opacity jitter set on pen pressure, hardness at 100%, and the spacing set to 1% so that i can get a smooth line that can go from opaque to translucent very smoothly. i also like to use a completely opaque erase to clean up the edges of shadows and highlights. i hope that helps!

  3. frozen x frozen!

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  4. kougyoku for hyouga!

  5. b1a4 professor au! (gongchan, sandeul, and jinyoung in various states of professorly undress)

    i haven’t posted anything in like years, apologies for that bc uni has been keeping me super busy ):

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  6. sonyeo”free!”dae

    do not steal, edit, or repost.

  7. He didn’t know the boy’s name. The madam told him it was Hyacinth, in keeping with the brothel’s flower theme. The boy had to be called twice by the name to respond to it.

    Delicate Boy in the Hysterical Realm

  8. wanted to draw some female!eren, but decided that it would only be fair to draw both forms of eren - as a female titan, too!

  9. Humanity’s strongest pro-hunter and his hand-picked squadron

    (AU where they are all on the same side in order to defeat all the titans “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” )

  10. mourning for byun baekhyun’s glorious purple hair ): photoshop.