1. really quick tales of xillia thing. i love this game!

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  2. doing some practice again - might color some day rofl

  3. chandeul doodle (featuring blondeul) just bc i love them a lot :c

  4. i was practicing drawing the same face angle a lot so have an honorary pitou


  5. Anonymous said: i was really happy to saw your fuji shuusuke art omg. Your art is so wonderful. Im a fan!!

    thank you so much! ;_; i’m glad you like it!

  6. decided to combine the two styles i’ve been working with lately for a doodle.


  7. Anonymous said: I think you under-charged yourself for commissions? Because seriously your art is amazing and is definitely worth more than that. u w u

    omg thank you ;~; i’m hoping to revamp my currently closed commissions section when i have time to open them again! in the meantime i’m practicing to achieve a consistent style.


  8. Anonymous said: Your art is amazing and I love it. How do you get that smooth and nice look? >w< If you don't mind me asking

    thank you so much! i start with a rough sketch, and then trace on a layer over it to make lineart - and make sure all the lines are connected. then, i use the magic wand to fill the lineart with the base colors. i also create new levels with clipping masks for any shading i want to do on top of the base colors. for shading, i use a brush with the opacity jitter set on pen pressure, hardness at 100%, and the spacing set to 1% so that i can get a smooth line that can go from opaque to translucent very smoothly. i also like to use a completely opaque erase to clean up the edges of shadows and highlights. i hope that helps!

  9. frozen x frozen!

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  10. kougyoku for hyouga!